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Get your online advertising, reputation, listings management and social marketing solutions fulfilled without lifting a finger.

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From our agency to yours. 

Our  White Label Agency  provides managed services for your clients under your brand.

What Vendasta's White Label Agency  can do for you

Grow your revenue and scale your business with a team of agency experts working under your brand


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Reputation Management

Our agents monitor, generate and respond to reviews to improve your clients' online presence and reputation. 



Social Marketing

Our social media content creators craft engaging, timely and relevant content for your clients' social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and more.



Listings Management

Our agents will claim, create, correct and modify business listings across 300+ websites and directories to improve your clients' local SEO



Blog Posts 

Strengthen your clients' online presence with well crafted blog posts from our expert content creation team, with a topic hand-picked by your client, or selected by our team of social media experts.



We drive local economies.

We drive local economies.

Grow your revenue by adding digital experts to your team and scaling up your managed services—all while decreasing your workload.

Add the agency crafting 7,000+ social posts and 10,000+ review responses a month to your team—without the salary costs.


What does the Vendasta platform give you?


On top of our White Label Agency, you'll get access to white label apps like Social Marketing, SEO and Reputation Management (that are managed-service friendly), prospecting and sales tools and everything you need to grow your business and revenue.


Vendasta is powering partners of all size worldwide

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising services build SEM and social advertising campaigns for your clients under your brand. Depending on your clients’ needs, we create search, display and newsfeeds campaigns that drive the results that matter—clicks and leads, phone calls, texts, in-store visits and of course, sales. 

Our digital advertising services come with comprehensive reporting that not only show online results like impressions, clicks, conversions and ROI for each campaign, but offline results like phone calls and in-store visits.



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