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Vendasta is the only ecosystem that helps 60,000 trusted experts bring 100s of the world’s best vendors with technology and services to 5.5M+ SMBs.

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4.4 out of 5


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“Vendasta makes it easy to provide full-service solutions to clients. The best feature is the breadth and quality of providers that they have attracted to the Vendasta Marketplace. You can build a business confident that you’re offering ‘best of breed’ solutions to your clients. Plus, the Vendasta platform allows you to pull it all together and present an impressive single dashboard presentation. In addition, Vendasta provides partner support to help you continually grow and innovate.”

Bill B.


“Vendasta is an amazing company and the platform is better than any other on the market. They provide world leading training and support. Their lead generation tools are very intelligent and work to get signups for your agency. This is a company that you can trust and create a truly unique and powerful marketing agency in partnership with. The support is second to none and they do what they do with passion, focus and expertise to ensure that you succeed.”

David R.

“What I appreciate most about the platform is the broad choice of tools and customization. But in truth, it’s the people. SaaS is trash. Add great people to a solid platform and it turns into a solution. Vendasta account team, product specialist and executives [are] all here to support their agency clients, makes it my go-to choice.”


CEO in the US

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