White Label Website Hosting 

Resell websites under your brand. Mark-up the price. Instant ROI.


One-click WordPress setup

World-class hosting with Google

The WordPress Advantage

With a one-click setup wizard, anyone can set up or import a site within minutes! Eliminate the technical backend work required to set up WordPress hosting, and get back to selling and designing compelling websites.

Hosted on the Google Cloud platform, enjoy world-class and automated storage, speed, and security. Never deal with another server catastrophe again—your sites are hosted with the most trusted source on the internet.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) online—powering 60%+ of CMS-based websites. WordPress is  customizable and easy-to-use, giving developers (and non-developers) the flexibility to build sites of all shapes and sizes. Plus,  you gain access to a  community of developers contributing resources, plugins, and themes that anyone can use!

Join 2,400+ agencies who sell white label solutions to over 670,000 local businesses.

Website Pro

Vendasta's white label platform allows you to sell and host WordPress websites for clients with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform. 

Our partnership with Google means your clients' sites will always be secure and protected, speedy, and scalable for any business. And, there's no heavy lifting—websites can be set up, imported, or restored with just a couple of clicks.

Grow revenue, not costs.

If time or expertise is an issue, or maybe you just want to focus on selling, Vendasta’s white label services offers website creation, design, SEO and maintenance for your clients, under your brand.

You’ve got a business to grow and clients to please. Learn more about selling and hosting white label websites.
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 White Label Website Hosting 

Daily Backups

Free SSL Certificates

Built-in Reporting

Slick Developer Tools

Free Subdomain

Easy One-Click Set-Up

Free Imports

Unmetered Page Views/Visitors

Managed WordPress Hosting

Unlimited pageviews/visitorsNever worry about hitting a limit – we won’t get in the way of your success.
Unmetered SSD storage
ZFS file server running on Google infrastructure.
Unmetered Database storage
Hosted on Google’s CloudSQL fully managed service with databases isolated for each site.
Unmetered server bandwidthTraffic to your site will never be throttled based on usage.
Unlimited free migrations
Get any WordPress site into Website Pro easily with our very own Website Pro Automated Migration Plugin.
Automatic daily backups
Restore your site in minutes anytime with one-click.
HTTP/2 supportWith HTTP/2 your sites will approach faster speeds than standard hosting solutions.
Free SSL with Let’s EncryptRealize the benefits of secure connections with your end users and SEO benefits at no cost.
PHP 7Leverage the performance benefits of PHP7 on your sites .
NGINX is open source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more.
Docker ContainersWebsite Pro hosts your websites in Docker Containers built with the most recent version of Alpine Linux and system tools.
Manages, deploys, and scales the Docker Containers.
Google Container Engine
Manages Kubernetes to keeps the servers secure and automatically scales, repairs, and upgrades the server.
Google Secure
Website Pro only opens the exact ports needed, allows HTTPS traffic to our sites, and Google’s firewall blocks bot-net IP addresses.
Free subdomain
Stage your site on a live URL to show your customers live progress of their site.
PHPMyAdmin Access
Manage your database without depending on WordPress.
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